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August 4, 2006
Another One Bites the Dust! (submitted by Gaeowyn at 04:35pm EDT)

Anub'Rekhan down, could the fight be any longer and more boring?

Desecrated Bracers - Gaeowyn
Touch of Frost - Bankard

Who dies next? Mebbe Noth??

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July 22, 2006
Fankriss Down! (submitted by Gaeowyn at 08:56pm EDT)

Fankriss down today, easy fight.
One hot loot too~

Ancient Qiraji Ripper - Phanoman (highest bid dkp in soe history!)
Hive Tunneler's Boots - Clauris (it's bad mmmkay)

Huhuran is next on the hitlist!

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July 16, 2006
Naxx + Sartura Down! (submitted by Gaeowyn at 08:56pm EDT)

SoE moves into Naxxramas! We had enough attuned this weekend to attempt the first spider wing boss Anub'Rekhan--fun fight! I expect we'll get him down very soon.

In other news, although we haven't spent any time in AQ40 the past few weeks, we took a raid over today and got our first Battleguard Sartura kill! Also 35% on Fankriss before calling it a night, he'll surely die soon.

Thick Qirajihide Belt - Aiwendil
Sartura's Might - Rion

Also Ritssyn's Ring of Chaos dropped from trash on the way to Fankriss and was looted by Kaoz.

And so we continue to move forward!

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June 12, 2006
SoE --> Ahn'Qiraj (submitted by Gaeowyn at 11:34pm EDT)

Our first week of Red/Black Nefarian, and we dropped him first attempt Sunday! I'd say that puts BWL on full farm status.
Netherwind Robes - Kaoz (grats on 8/8)
Nemesis Robes - Shortchick
Boots of the Shadow Flame - Gurr
Crul'shorukh, Edge of Chaos - Fbomb
Head of Nefarian - Zaxare

We took the raid over to AQ40 and promptly destroyed the first boss Skeram the Prophet.
Cloak of Concentrated Hatred - Blitzkriegs
Boots of the Unwavering Will - Fbomb

Monday we dropped the bug family (Lord Kri -> Princess Yauj -> Vem).
Robes of the Triumvirate - Addisonn
Gloves of Ebru - Velsus
Imperial Qiraji Regalia - Kaoz

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