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January 8, 2009
Goodbye Illidan! (submitted by Gaeowyn at 04:45am EST)

For the past 3 months the Illidan server has been a pile of shit. Unplayable latency during prime time, and 1600+ queues lasting over 2 hours. And if only this were the first time. We've had to deal with this in cycles ever since the server opened.

Illidan has been our home for over 4 years but WoW is still just a game and these conditions were just not fun anymore. We have taken the free server transfer to Drak'Tharon and with any luck we'll have playable conditions to enjoy this game.

If anybody would like to join us, we have slots open for:
Resto Shaman
Elemental Shaman
Deathknight DPS/Tank

Our news hasn't been updated with screenshots because the content is all pugged anyways, but incase anybody is interested we have Naxx25, OS25, Malygos25 on farm status and currently clearing them out in one night. With the latency gone we are now confident enough to start work on 2 drakes and then eventually 3.
November 29, 2008
Recruiting (submitted by Gaeowyn at 06:28pm EST)

We are currently recruiting to boost our numbers for our 25man raids.

-Ranged DPS

Click the Forum link at the top and proceed to our application board for more information.
October 2, 2008
WOTLK Recruitment (submitted by Gaeowyn at 09:24pm EDT)

User-posted image

At this time, we have decided to close Sunwell recruitment and we are on break from raiding to relax and save our energy for WOTLK November 13th.

Cya in Naxxramas2.0!
August 8, 2008
Pewpew! (submitted by Gaeowyn at 04:07pm EDT)

Brutallus down just a week after Kalecgos!

[Clutch of Demise] - Teknique
[Lightbringer Girdle] - Killsfercake
[Gronnstalker's Belt] - Eizanden
[Skyshatter Belt] - Illanii

We are currently looking to fill a couple spots on our roster (check class recruitment on our forums):
Resto Shaman
Holy Priest

User-posted image
August 1, 2008
Road to WOTLK (submitted by Gaeowyn at 02:24pm EDT)

Kalecgos down last night 7/31 (with a full raid zomgz!) after attempting undermanned for the past couple weeks. We are still in immediate need of quality players to aid in our Sunwell progress with Brutallus next on our hit list. Click the Forum link at the top and post an app.

[Gronnstalker's Bracers] - Eizanden
[Cuffs of Absolution] - Enlite
[Cuffs of Absolution] - Fadeleaf
[Fang of Kalecgos] - denchlol

User-posted image

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