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May 10, 2008
SoE, always months behind! Gruul DOWN! (submitted by Kaoz at 10:00pm EDT)

5 man and a Murloc cameraman!

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May 6, 2008
BT Cleared! (submitted by Gaeowyn at 04:42am EDT)

Tonight we got our first real attempts on Illidan in a month, after the tank fallout that forced us to gear up 3 new tanks starting at tier4. Killed him 5th attempt, with a rogue MT of course :) Shears and enrages are LoL.

[Stormrage Signet Ring] - Kaoz
[Crystal Spire of Karabor] - Dimii
[Robes of the Tempest] - Konoka
[Lightbringer Chestpiece] - Volares
[Lightbringer Chestpiece] - Morlune

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May 4, 2008
Can't Touch This (submitted by Gaeowyn at 07:09pm EDT)

Gearing up new tanks sometimes takes a while. But although we're still waiting to kill Illidan, nothing is stopping us from getting world firsts:


World first rogue maintank on BT bosses. Over 102.4% parry/dodge/miss, completely unhittable by physical attacks.

April 18, 2008
Still Here (submitted by Gaeowyn at 04:58pm EDT)

SoE is still here, don't be afraid to app. After killing council we were hit by 3 weeks of server instability preventing Illidan attempts, followed by a week of solid progress that put P2 on farm and we got him to 10%. Before our next raid our MT's computer got fried and attempts were called off. The week after that our other MT got hit by a tornado. Both are still out of action. Meanwhile our backup tanks are still clearing out 8/9 and 5/5 and gearing up for Illidan.
Current class needs:
Feral Druid

We'll look at exceptional (read: t6 min) players of some other classes. Click the Forum link and head to our app board for details.
March 11, 2008
Council Defeated (submitted by Gaeowyn at 12:55am EDT)

After a full night of the server giving us grief... 2000 ping spikes, full server crashes, and 2% disconnect wipes... we finally got the council down!

[Helm of the Illidari Shatterer] - Sotallytober
[Leggings of the Forgotten Protector] - Scen
[Leggings of the Forgotten Conqueror] - Volares

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